Children’s Ministry Abuse Prevention Policy


The goal of the policy is to protect the children attending any activity done here or sponsored by Georgetown United Methodist Church, protect our care providers from false accusations and protect our ministries.


1. Persons working alone as a leader with children must be at least 16 years of age or older. Anyone between 14-16 years of age must serve with an adult over 18 years of age.

2. All leaders and teachers 16 years and older must be willing to submit written information and permission for a criminal background check. This will be done on the state and possibly the national level.

3. An individual may not serve until a clear background check is in place.



1. The Children’s Ministry Director is responsible for running the background checks and maintaining a record of who was checked and what year.

2. Because confidentiality is important, background check forms will be shredded upon completion of the check and a clear report.  If a report comes back that is not clear, the report will be maintained with the original submitted information shredded.

3. Background checks will be re-run every 3 years.



1. The Rule of Three will be in place.  No single adult and child will be alone in a room with a closed door or alone in the building for any church-sponsored activity.

2. Anytime there is an offsite trip, two children and two adult attendees are the minimum necessary to leave the premises.

3. If bathroom help is needed, doors must remain open and preferably another individual present.

4. This policy will be given and gone over at teacher and leaders training sessions as well as being made available to parents.



1. The Children’s Director is a mandated reporter.

2.  Suspected abuse or neglect should be reported to the Children’s Director.

3. If the suspected person is present, the individual is isolated from the children.

4. The Children’s Director shall notify the pastor unless the pastor is the individual involved. If the individual in question is the pastor, the District Superintendent shall be informed

5. Child Protective Services will be notified within 24 hours

6. Notification of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be by Child Protective Services.

7. Matters relating to known or suspected abuse shall be kept confidential for the privacy of the child.