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At GUMchurch, community is an important part of how we experience God and how we follow Jesus. By hearing each other's perspectives, thoughts, and experiences, we grow together in our love for and understanding of God.  The GUMchurch community is diverse and vibrant. We feel called to meet people where they are right now, rather than insisting that everyone conform to us.

GUMchurch is home to people from all different faith backgrounds. Some were raised in the United Methodist Church. Some were raised in the Reformed tradition, the Catholic church, the Lutheran church or other denominations. Some are Jewish. Some are Jehovah's Witness. Some folks come to GUMchurch with no faith background at all.

GUMchurch is home to people who are looking for a place where they can safely question, challenge, and nurture their faith and relationship with God.

The people at GUM church come together to create a diverse collection of  faith traditions, experiences, and expectations. We value this diversity as a means to better know and understand people and God.