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What do I wear to service?

Our 9:00am service is more traditional and at our 10:30am service you will see a lot more people dressed casually in jeans.

Where will my children go during service?

Children 6mo-2yrs will be in the nursery located off the hallway from the sanctuary.

Kids 3yrs-6th grade will have the option to go to Sunday school if they would like at both services.

Youth 7th grade and up will have Sunday school starting at 10:00am through second service with a light breakfast included.

You can read more about our children and youth programs here.

Where should I park?

We have two parking lots, one off 28th ave and the other off Baldwin St.


What doors do I come in?

You may come in any set of doors, but if you are looking for the doors closest to the sanctuary, they will be the set of doors closest to the intersection on each side of the building.