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Director of Nursery Ministries


This position will oversee, schedule and resource all Children’s Nursery ministries.  The Nursery Ministries Coordinator will work to carry out the vision and mission of the church in all aspects of job duties.



-        Schedule and hold CPR training and Defibrulator training every other year, or as needed.

-        Train and supervise the Nursery Ministry Team to ensure that safety and nursery guidelines and child abuse protection policies are followed.

-        Provide a ministry of child care to the members and visitors to our church and form a Nursery Ministry Team

-        Nurture and lead the Nursery Ministries team, equipping them so they can effectively minister to the children

-        Provide a visible, hands-on model of ministry, being supportive and encouraging to the parents.

-        Help nursery-age children to interact and discover God in new ways.

-        Be aware of opportunities to provide nursery ministry to children by checking the weekly church calendar of events.

-        Schedule members of your team to provide the nursery ministries when necessary according to the church calendar.

-        Attend staff meetings

-        Supervise room and equipment maintenance and cleanliness including monitoring consumable items (crackers, diapers etc.)

-        Maintain a database of children receiving care, parents and Nursery Ministry Team

-        Publicize church events and information using social networking media.



This position reports to the Sr. Pastor. This person relates directly to the Pastor and the nursery ministry team to collaborate, determine, plan, resource, evaluate and carry out all aspects of program needs as determined by the that Council in accord with the vision and mission of the church.



This position should provide an opportunity for ministry to the smallest ones in our congregation. Providing child care during events and meetings will enhance the experience for parents and provide a safe and loving atmosphere for the small ones.


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